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Thanks for opting to contact us for your needs – and here’s some reasons why we’d love to look after you:

  • Ours is an online site & service run by designers & colour experts not geeks
  • We operate around the clock & around the UK to exceed your expectations
  • We adore service, value & surprising our customers with the quality of our products
  • We go out of our way to give you exactly what you need…each and every time

Direct Contact

Telephone: 0207 556 3656

Important! Read this before you call us.
The telephone unfortunately has to be largely ignored between the hours of 8am and 3pm as this is our primary production window.
We advise you strongly to contact us through this contact form or via email.

Also, orders can only be accepted when they have been placed through the order system and cannot, under any circumstances be accepted via e-mail.
Orders attempts via email will simply be ignored, sorry!