Posters in the Work Place

Within any workplace, you are sure to find many different style of posters, some will be required to be there, others will be placed there out of choice. In this blog we are taking a look at the different varieties of posters in the work place and how you can use our printing service to help bring your office to life.

There are some posters that you have to have by law in the workplace. Health and safety posters for example, where to go and what to do in the event of a fire. Fire exit signs, Insurance posters, the list could go on and on.

You can also use posters in the work place as an effective way to communicate with your staff. If there is an area where all staff go and you can ensure that everyone will see it, then putting a poster up there to provide information that all staff need to see is a good way to communicate.

Then there are the posters that give motivational messages to your staff. These first became popular in the office environment in the eighties and nineties and would be put up around the office as a way of promoting team building and good staff motivation. The messages can be comical and sometimes maybe a little ‘cheesy’ but staff do tend to remember these posters and the messages they are trying to convey.

Many companies now use posters in the customer area of the company to enhance the environment when their customer enters for the first time. Posters can be used as a way of decorating the area whilst not making it look to cluttered. Posters can also make an impression just as much as a painting, particularly if they are framed in a good quality frame that is maybe the same colour as the company brand colour, thus giving an impression to the clients that thought has gone in to the decorating of the area.

With the availability of limited edition posters and art prints. You can now get rare collectables including signed limited edition prints featuring works by today’s most sought-after artists. So if a company wants to have a Damian Hirst or a Banksy on their wall to impress their clients, it is now achievable without costing a fortune. The company could also have a range of limited edition prints by the same artist or prints that reflect what the company does and again if fashion dictates these can be changed over a period of time.

So, there will always be a need for posters in the workplace but these don’t just have to be the mundane information type of poster.

If your work place is lacking colour or a bit of variety, why not design some posters using the Zip Posters Online Designer? It’s a great way to bring your ideas and office to life!

Why we should use Vinyl Banners at outdoor Trade Shows in the UK

Love it, or hate it, the Great British weather is part and parcel of everyday conversation in good old blighty, and what better day of the year to discuss our more weather proof products than on St George’s Day, patron Saint of England!

As we write this article and look outside, the sun is beaming down. Last week, parts of London saw temperatures of 26 degrees…and that was mid-April. But as we all know too well, the UK can experience 4 seasons seemingly in a single day, and the months of April and October and worse for their diversity.

These months also so happen to be two of the busiest months of the year for outside events and shows. So what to prepare for? At Zip, we obviously can’t tell you what to wear or pack (but we suggest considering a warm jacket and a hat!) but we could recommend our vinyl banners. As one would expect, these banners are made from a more robust material that will stand up to the elements better than traditional paper and card. What’s more, when the show is over and done with (regardless of weather), the banner can be rolled or folded away and used again at another show.

By using vinyl, there is also an element of predictability…you’ll know precisely what size and shape your stall or stand will be and you can prepare with the volume of collateral or products to take with you (though, if you are like us, you’ll still take too much anyway!) Vinyl also stands up to man-made accidents a little better than other materials. If you, again like us, have the obligatory clumsy member of the team who is forever spilling coffee 2 minutes before a major presentation or walking back into/onto things, then Vinyl is a pretty safe bet in terms of being tough enough to withstand such trauma.

One of the great features of Vinyl over other forms of more rigid banners, is the inclusion of ‘eyelets’. It may not be raining outside but the UK is equally as well known for its strong winds. Eyelets allow the banner to be secured by string or rope at the most vulnerable sections.

The best thing about Vinyl? The price. Vinyl isn’t an expensive option. In fact, it is comparative to some superior forms of card. All these benefits make Vinyl banners at trade shows in the UK a ‘no brainer’.

You can even get 20% off our premium vinyl banners right now in our Spring promotion. Simply enter the code ”SPRING-240415″ at the checkout stage of your order!

20% off Spring offer from Zip Posters!

All this Spring sunshine is making us feel generous! Right now, you can get 20% off our waterproof posters and premium vinyl banners!

It’s easy to get your discount, simply head to the Zip Posters homepage and use the code “SPRING-240415″ at the checkout stage!

Our waterproof posters perfect for promoting your business or event without the risk of them running and being ruined by any typical April showers! The posters are laminated which means can be reused and easily moved from place to place.

Another great product for outside promotional use is our premium vinyl banners. Perfect for outdoor use and also indoor use at trade shows, exhibitions and any where else you can think to promote your brand or business!

Head to the Zip Posters Online Designer to get designing your poster or banner and make the most of our Spring discount!

Using Stock Images In Your Poster Design

Using imagery within your poster design is a great way to bring your posters to life. However, it is very important that your images not only look great, but you must also ensure they are of a high enough quality for print. It’s not always easy getting the right shot your poster, it must look professional, and without turning to a professional photographer, this can be hard. Luckily, there are many website out there there give you access to thousands and thousands of stock images, today we are looking at some of the best free sites.

Before you download and use the photos on your poster, always check the licensing terms and conditions to ensure the license is suitable for your purpose. This can differ from site to site and even image to image, so don’t assume every images has the same rules, even if it is from the same site.

Most free stock image sites will require an account being set up before you can download any images. But a quick two minute set up will give you access to plenty of images ready to use within your poster design before sending it off to us to be printed up! – is exactly what it says it is on the tin! The website feeatures over 400,000 stock photos taken by over 30,000 photographers. If you’re a photograph you can also share you photos on the site too. When searching, the free images are listed below images also suggested from the paid stock photo website, so be sure to avoid them at first.

It is also possible to use Google images to find royalty free images. Simply head to Google images, type in what you are searching for, then adjust the usage rights using the drop down menu. It is also best to change the image size to ensure your image is big enough for print.

As well as free stock images sites, there are of course many sites available where you can buy images and licenses to use them. Chances are, the quality of the images on paid sites will be slightly better than free sites, so if you struggle to find the right image for you on a free site, you can always turned to a paid alternative.

Have you got any tops tips on where to find free stock images? Let us know on the Zip poster Twitter!

Giclee Printing from Zip posters

If you’re an artist or designer, you want to be able to show off your artwork in the best way possible. Our Fine Art Giclee Printing service is the perfect way to truly reproduce and display your stunning artwork. In this blog, we are taking a closer look on how you can use our services to your advantage.

So what is Giclee printing?

Our Giclee prints are printed on high end Hahnemühle texture fine art paper. Here at Zip Posters, we print using the latest pigment inks matched with professional archival paper. Our printing technique ensures your print will last a long time, around 100 years in normal lighting conditions!

How can you use Giclee prints?

Limited edition prints

There are many applications for Giclee printing, it’s luxurious finish makes it stand out that extra bit more than our standard posters or gloss photo posters. Limited edition prints can prove extremely popular and using Giclee prints is a sure way to ensure your customers feel they are receiving a high end product.

The perfect gift

If you are a budding artist and want to send someone a special gift. A reproduction of one of your pieces of artwork is sure to be well received. Rather than getting a standard poster printed, a Giclee print is sure to make the gift that extra bit more special.

Selling reproductions of your work

If you often sell your artwork but find yourself limited to any being able to sell your originals, creating professional reproductions of your work is the perfect way to not only sure please more fans of your artwork, but also get your art work out there for even more people to see.

If you’re based in London, why not head to our new print service in covent garden? As well as offering Giclee printing and mounting, ‘The Gallery Print Centre‘ also boasts a gallery, to find out about upcoming exhibitions, please head to their website.

To find out more about our large format Giclee printing service and prices, please head to the Zip Posters website.


Using and Print to decorate your new shop

Opening a new shop can be daunting, it must look inviting and entice potential customers in. Using posters and printed material can not only be a great way to promote your products in store, but it is also a great way to bring your store to life.

Imagine your shop as a blank canvas, even once your shop is full of stock you are more than likely to have a few empty spaces left on your wall. Don’t let these spaces go to waste, there is always opportunity to bring colour and life to empty spaces.

Embrace local artists

It’s easy to go large international chains and buy designs to put up on the wall. But if you opening a store, local people love their local shops to feel local. Using local artists to help decorate your store is a great way not only to get people talking about the actual design or store but also give exposure to local artists. A lot of photographers and artists are also likely to be open to the idea of selling prints displayed in your store and work out a split with you.

If you are using photographers work in your store, be sure to look at our gloss photo posters service. For artwork, our Giclee fine art printing service is the best way to display reproductions of artwork.

Use prints as resale items

Once you receive your prints for Zip Posters, they are of course yours to keep forever. But chances are, even if your have canvases or posters that are not for sale, you are sure to get people enquiring about buying them. So by adding a funky design or slogan to your canvas or poster there is a good chance even they will be flying off the walls!

Promote your opening

Once your shop is up and ready to go, you need to spread the word! This is where posters can really serve their purpose. Our cheap poster printing means you can get posters printed for less than the cost of your morning coffee! Let everyone know when you’re opening to ensure you launch is a huge success!

We love getting pictures of your posters when they arrive with you, so please Tweet them to us via the Zip Posters Twitter account!

Creating a print for Mother’s Day with Zip Posters

We know all Mothers are special and they all deserve the very best on Mother’s Day. Here at Zip Posters, we can’t help you prepare the breakfast in bed or make sure you choose the right flowers, but we can help you create the perfect present for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Personalised gifts mean a lot, whether it’s a photo of a special memory or a graphic designed by yourself, it’s going to mean a lot come March 15th.

How about a Printed Canvas for Mother’s Day? Our Printed Canvases sizes range from A4 to a whopping A1! The great thing about Canvas prints is they allow for addition customisation once printed, to find out what we mean by that be sure to check out the Zip Poster Pinterest account (Link further down). Whatever you decide to print on your Canvas, be it a photo or a special message, we are sure your Mum will love it!

Another great advantage of Canvases is the fact they can be placed on the wall as soon as you have given them as a gift. There is no need frame them, they just arrive ready to be placed wherever you want!

Our premium poster printing service is one of our most popular. We see a whole range of things printed here at Zip Poster, from promotional posters to personalised gifts. The one thing we can ensure with each and everyone one of our posters is quality. Our Premium Posters are printed onto thick 120gsm stock which gives a real feel of quality.

Our premium poster are perfect for printing off that special memory and displaying it for everyone to see. They can of course be stuck to the wall as they come, but they do look great framed and will certainly be a talking point of any room. If you want to go for something even more luxurious, be sure to check out our Gloss Photo Posters too!

Before heading to the Zip Poster Online Designer to design your perfect gift, be sure to head to our Pinterest account. To help inspire you when designing your poster or canvas, we’ve created a board of Mother’s Day inspiration, head over there to get inspired by the designs and gifts we’ve pinned! We will of course continue to update the board, so if you’re not following us over there already, be sure to do so!

Will be treating your mum March 15th? Let us know via the Zip Posters Twitter account!

Top Tips for Banner Stand Design from Zip Posters

Banners are a fantastic promotional tool. They can be used just about anywhere, from in-store to trade shows and exhibitions. When creating your banner, it’s important to get it just right. In this blog we are taking a look at some top tips to help you create the perfect banner to promote your company, product or service.

Use only top quality images

Roller banners are big, therefore any images you use on your banners need to be of good enough quality to ensure they are not pixelated. Your images should be saved as CMYK files and at least 300 dpi. Don’t underestimate the importance of ensuring your images are up to the job, your banner is representing your brand and must look top notch, just like you business or service you offer! Don’t worry if you haven’t got any images or access to take any, there are plenty of sites that offer royalty free stock images perfect for print.

Go big and bold

The very purpose of a banner is to attract people to your services or store. It is not an opportunity to detail every aspect of your business. Be bold and selective when choosing what information to feature on your roll up banner, the age old expression ‘less is more’ should come to mind when designing. Give your potential customers all the information they need and nothing more.

Use your logo

This may sound like an obvious tip, but featuring your logo on your banner is a must. This is great for continuity across your brand and the more your potential customers see your logo, the better. It’s a good idea to place your logo at the top of your banner so it is the first thing seen. Just like your images, ensure your logo is of high enough quality to print on a large scale.

Using colour

Colour is a great way to catch someone’s eye and draw them towards your stand or store. However, although it can be tempting to go bright for the sake of standing out, make sure your design is still in keeping with your brand and company colours.

Here at Zip Posters, we offer a different variety of banner stands all perfect for your brand promotion. All our stand up banners come with everything you need to take your banner wherever you go: a base, bungee pole set, rail and a carry bag. For more information, head to the Zip Posters homepage.

Using our fly posters to promote your Valentines Day promotion

Christmas already feels like a distant memory, but as soon as one promotional campaign ends, it’s time to start planning another. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our Fly Posters are a great tool to promote your Valentine products, discounts and events.

Budget posters are a low cost yet a high impact means of promotion. They can make an immediate impression or a large number of people, so if they can glance at your poster and know exactly what it’s about within a matter of seconds, you’re doing it right.

Do not let the name ‘cheap posters’ put any doubt in your mind about their quality. The print on these posters is heat and water resistant and also UV stable, meaning the prints not fade or experience any colour deterioration from exposure to light.

When creating posters, remember to keep things simple. Only include the necessary information and be sure to include a big and bold call to action. Show your potential customers exactly what you’re offering them, in the most simple way possible.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to fit everything you require on your poster, it is possible to print our cheap posters at a maximum length of 3 meters. This ensures that there is plenty of room to get your promotion across to your customers.

If you’re organising an event, think about using our fly posters as giveaways. If you’re running a night at a club for example, you can create a one off print for that night to giveaway so your visitors will be reminded of that night and your venue for years to come.

To start designing your cheap posters for your Valentine’s Day promotion, head to our Online Designer!

If you missed it, in the build up to Valentine’s Day we are offering 20% on our canvas and gloss photos products. A great opportunity to get a discount on two of our top selling products. Not only do our gloss photo posters and canvases make great gifts, they can also be used as another advertising tool in your campaign armoury.

To find out more about our current Valentine’s Day promotion, please head to the Zip poster Facebook page.

Zip Posters Valentine’s Discount!

This year we are really getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit and offering you 20% on our canvas and gloss photo products! You may have already decided what to get your other half this Valentine’s Day, but wouldn’t it be nice to give a personalised gift that really means something special? It could be a photo memory or maybe a print? Whatever it is, you can get 20% off with Zip Posters! To claim your discount, all you have to do is enter the code ‘LUVYOU-1402015′ at the checkout stage of your order.

So, what products have we discounted?

Canvas Prints

The first product you can get your hands on at a bargain price, is our photo canvases. Our printed photo canvases make an excellent personalised Valentine’s day gift. Your photo or design is printed onto 330 GMS Premium Canvas Material. Our canvases make a great alternative to normal photos, especially for when you want to display that special memory or moment in your home.

Photo Gloss Products

You can also get 20% off our gloss photo products. Our gloss photo products are one of best selling products. We use the C-type printers to ensure superior high end quality prints, an professional alternative to inkjets that most other print shops print with. If you’re looking for an alternative to our canvases, this is the product for you. You would be hard pushed to find a more superior print, especially for the price we offer! Our gloss photo products look great framed, it’s also a great way to keep your print safe and undamaged.

We’ve even put together a list of sites offering some great printables. You can print these off or just use them for inspiration when designing your prints!


Rural Life Story

How to Nest for Less

Kiki and Company

So head to our online designer to design your perfect print, or just upload your designs to our website.

Please ensure you order in enough time for your order to be printed and dispacted in time for Valentine’s Day.