/Using our fly posters to promote your Valentines Day promotion

Using our fly posters to promote your Valentines Day promotion

Christmas already feels like a distant memory, but as soon as one promotional campaign ends, it’s time to start planning another. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our Fly Posters are a great tool to promote your Valentine products, discounts and events.

Budget posters are a low cost yet a high impact means of promotion. They can make an immediate impression or a large number of people, so if they can glance at your poster and know exactly what it’s about within a matter of seconds, you’re doing it right.

Do not let the name ‘cheap posters’ put any doubt in your mind about their quality. The print on these posters is heat and water resistant and also UV stable, meaning the prints not fade or experience any colour deterioration from exposure to light.

When creating posters, remember to keep things simple. Only include the necessary information and be sure to include a big and bold call to action. Show your potential customers exactly what you’re offering them, in the most simple way possible.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to fit everything you require on your poster, it is possible to print our cheap posters at a maximum length of 3 meters. This ensures that there is plenty of room to get your promotion across to your customers.

If you’re organising an event, think about using our fly posters as giveaways. If you’re running a night at a club for example, you can create a one off print for that night to giveaway so your visitors will be reminded of that night and your venue for years to come.

To start designing your cheap posters for your Valentine’s Day promotion, head to our Online Designer!

If you missed it, in the build up to Valentine’s Day we are offering 20% on our canvas and gloss photos products. A great opportunity to get a discount on two of our top selling products. Not only do our gloss photo posters and canvases make great gifts, they can also be used as another advertising tool in your campaign armoury.

To find out more about our current Valentine’s Day promotion, please head to the Zip poster Facebook page.