/Using and Print to decorate your new shop

Using and Print to decorate your new shop

Opening a new shop can be daunting, it must look inviting and entice potential customers in. Using posters and printed material can not only be a great way to promote your products in store, but it is also a great way to bring your store to life.

Imagine your shop as a blank canvas, even once your shop is full of stock you are more than likely to have a few empty spaces left on your wall. Don’t let these spaces go to waste, there is always opportunity to bring colour and life to empty spaces.

Embrace local artists

It’s easy to go large international chains and buy designs to put up on the wall. But if you opening a store, local people love their local shops to feel local. Using local artists to help decorate your store is a great way not only to get people talking about the actual design or store but also give exposure to local artists. A lot of photographers and artists are also likely to be open to the idea of selling prints displayed in your store and work out a split with you.

If you are using photographers work in your store, be sure to look at our gloss photo posters service. For artwork, our Giclee fine art printing service is the best way to display reproductions of artwork.

Use prints as resale items

Once you receive your prints for Zip Posters, they are of course yours to keep forever. But chances are, even if your have canvases or posters that are not for sale, you are sure to get people enquiring about buying them. So by adding a funky design or slogan to your canvas or poster there is a good chance even they will be flying off the walls!

Promote your opening

Once your shop is up and ready to go, you need to spread the word! This is where posters can really serve their purpose. Our cheap poster printing means you can get posters printed for less than the cost of your morning coffee! Let everyone know when you’re opening to ensure you launch is a huge success!

We love getting pictures of your posters when they arrive with you, so please Tweet them to us via the Zip Posters Twitter account!