/Using Stock Images In Your Poster Design

Using Stock Images In Your Poster Design

Using imagery within your poster design is a great way to bring your posters to life. However, it is very important that your images not only look great, but you must also ensure they are of a high enough quality for print. It’s not always easy getting the right shot your poster, it must look professional, and without turning to a professional photographer, this can be hard. Luckily, there are many website out there there give you access to thousands and thousands of stock images, today we are looking at some of the best free sites.

Before you download and use the photos on your poster, always check the licensing terms and conditions to ensure the license is suitable for your purpose. This can differ from site to site and even image to image, so don’t assume every images has the same rules, even if it is from the same site.

Most free stock image sites will require an account being set up before you can download any images. But a quick two minute set up will give you access to plenty of images ready to use within your poster design before sending it off to us to be printed up!

freeimages.com – Freeimages.com is exactly what it says it is on the tin! The website feeatures over 400,000 stock photos taken by over 30,000 photographers. If you’re a photograph you can also share you photos on the site too. When searching, the free images are listed below images also suggested from the paid stock photo website istock.com, so be sure to avoid them at first.

It is also possible to use Google images to find royalty free images. Simply head to Google images, type in what you are searching for, then adjust the usage rights using the drop down menu. It is also best to change the image size to ensure your image is big enough for print.

As well as free stock images sites, there are of course many sites available where you can buy images and licenses to use them. Chances are, the quality of the images on paid sites will be slightly better than free sites, so if you struggle to find the right image for you on a free site, you can always turned to a paid alternative.

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