/Why we should use Vinyl Banners at outdoor Trade Shows in the UK

Why we should use Vinyl Banners at outdoor Trade Shows in the UK

Love it, or hate it, the Great British weather is part and parcel of everyday conversation in good old blighty, and what better day of the year to discuss our more weather proof products than on St George’s Day, patron Saint of England!

As we write this article and look outside, the sun is beaming down. Last week, parts of London saw temperatures of 26 degrees…and that was mid-April. But as we all know too well, the UK can experience 4 seasons seemingly in a single day, and the months of April and October and worse for their diversity.

These months also so happen to be two of the busiest months of the year for outside events and shows. So what to prepare for? At Zip, we obviously can’t tell you what to wear or pack (but we suggest considering a warm jacket and a hat!) but we could recommend our vinyl banners. As one would expect, these banners are made from a more robust material that will stand up to the elements better than traditional paper and card. What’s more, when the show is over and done with (regardless of weather), the banner can be rolled or folded away and used again at another show.

By using vinyl, there is also an element of predictability…you’ll know precisely what size and shape your stall or stand will be and you can prepare with the volume of collateral or products to take with you (though, if you are like us, you’ll still take too much anyway!) Vinyl also stands up to man-made accidents a little better than other materials. If you, again like us, have the obligatory clumsy member of the team who is forever spilling coffee 2 minutes before a major presentation or walking back into/onto things, then Vinyl is a pretty safe bet in terms of being tough enough to withstand such trauma.

One of the great features of Vinyl over other forms of more rigid banners, is the inclusion of ‘eyelets’. It may not be raining outside but the UK is equally as well known for its strong winds. Eyelets allow the banner to be secured by string or rope at the most vulnerable sections.

The best thing about Vinyl? The price. Vinyl isn’t an expensive option. In fact, it is comparative to some superior forms of card. All these benefits make Vinyl banners at trade shows in the UK a ‘no brainer’.

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