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Posters in the Work Place

Within any workplace, you are sure to find many different style of posters, some will be required to be there, others will be placed there out of choice. In this blog we are taking a look at the different varieties of posters in the work place and how you can use our printing service to help bring your office to life.

There are some posters that you have to have by law in the workplace. Health and safety posters for example, where to go and what to do in the event of a fire. Fire exit signs, Insurance posters, the list could go on and on.

You can also use posters in the work place as an effective way to communicate with your staff. If there is an area where all staff go and you can ensure that everyone will see it, then putting a poster up there to provide information that all staff need to see is a good way to communicate.

Then there are the posters that give motivational messages to your staff. These first became popular in the office environment in the eighties and nineties and would be put up around the office as a way of promoting team building and good staff motivation. The messages can be comical and sometimes maybe a little ‘cheesy’ but staff do tend to remember these posters and the messages they are trying to convey.

Many companies now use posters in the customer area of the company to enhance the environment when their customer enters for the first time. Posters can be used as a way of decorating the area whilst not making it look to cluttered. Posters can also make an impression just as much as a painting, particularly if they are framed in a good quality frame that is maybe the same colour as the company brand colour, thus giving an impression to the clients that thought has gone in to the decorating of the area.

With the availability of limited edition posters and art prints. You can now get rare collectables including signed limited edition prints featuring works by today’s most sought-after artists. So if a company wants to have a Damian Hirst or a Banksy on their wall to impress their clients, it is now achievable without costing a fortune. The company could also have a range of limited edition prints by the same artist or prints that reflect what the company does and again if fashion dictates these can be changed over a period of time.

So, there will always be a need for posters in the workplace but these don’t just have to be the mundane information type of poster.

If your work place is lacking colour or a bit of variety, why not design some posters using the Zip Posters Online Designer? It’s a great way to bring your ideas and office to life!